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Wild boar bratwurst in a can - amazing!!! OK

Wild boar bratwurst in a can - amazing!!! OK

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Bratwurst - really something delicious (seasonal item)

Bratwurst is obligatory for a smart snack

This sausage will make you rave because it doesn't taste "wild" , but rather MORE.

Don't wait any longer and bring the pleasure of sustainability to the table. A great gift for loved ones, especially at Christmas time.

If you already have it, you want it again!

  • Net weight: approx. 200g
  • If stored unopened it will last for at least 12 months - but it won't get that old ;-)
  • Sausage comes in a can, just like it used to
  • Seasonal goods... only available if I have had "pig", it should remain sustainable
approx. 80% wild boar
Pork belly meat, secret spices, nitrite curing salt E250, ascorbic acid, flavor enhancer E621
The sausages come from my trusted butcher... a great collaboration
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