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SIW silencer Fusion OBSK ULTRA SET with fastener - caliber class 6.5-8mm + SAUrewer

SIW silencer Fusion OBSK ULTRA SET with fastener - caliber class 6.5-8mm + SAUrewer

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The SIW-OBSK Ultra is the latest addition to the sub-compact upper barrel silencer (over the barrel) for everyone who actively hunts and is still looking for a silencer with a high DB reduction and extremely low weight.

Thanks to the titanium 3D printing process, you get a silencer that is unparalleled in the industry

It is the ideal companion for driven hunts, stalking, but also when sitting in narrow stands.

No adapter is required for all weapons that have an M18x1 muzzle thread. All SIW silencers are delivered with the M18x1 thread as standard

SIW quick release adapter - Fastener
The days of long screwing and unscrewing are over. SIW finally has the answer to smart exhaust installation. With the fastener you lock and unlock the silencer with a 60° turn... It really couldn't be easier

When you buy a silencer or a silencer set, you always get the multi-tool for free

Silencers are not permitted in sports and are only used for hunting.

Further information can be found directly from the manufacturer

Scope of delivery:

Technical data:



Weight including thread adapter

approx. 360 g **

Net length from mouth


Reduction in DbC ***

28 to 37 DbC

Reducing recoil

up to 40%

Thread adapter

yes from M18 x 1 downwards compatible to M13 x 1

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