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Professor Optiken

Professor Optiken - Riflescope Müritz 5-30x56 HD SFP, ILEX 1 reticle, illuminated, long range glass

Professor Optiken - Riflescope Müritz 5-30x56 HD SFP, ILEX 1 reticle, illuminated, long range glass

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Müritz 5-30x56 HD SFP rifle scope

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The Müritz 5-30x56 HD riflescope is an optic tailored to the needs of sport shooters and hunting over long distances. With the integrated lock system, the adjustment tower is always locked. The specially designed ILEX 1 reticle enables accurate and precise shots and clear response at long distances.

The Müritz series impresses with its impressive optics with 6x zoom. In addition to high-resolution lenses (HD) made of lanthanum glass, all lenses are fully coated. This means that not only high light transmission values ​​of over 90 percent can be achieved, but also high-contrast, color-accurate and high-resolution image reproduction.

The Müritz 5-30x56 HD has a specially developed ILEX 1 reticle with a centered illuminated dot in the 2nd image plane. The light point can be adjusted to six lighting levels. The open metal ballistic turrets feature 1/10 MRAD adjustment and are also equipped with a locking feature that allows the turrets to be locked in place after adjustment. This ensures that the towers do not move unintentionally, even during tough operations. The towers also have double scaling for easier and faster adjustment. With the parallax compensation on the side, you can quickly switch between different shooting distances without losing image sharpness.

The target optics were constructed to be absolutely robust - all moving components including the adjustment turrets were made of metal. The housing with a 30 mm center tube diameter is also made of high-strength duralumin. Our target optics have been tested on all common calibers so that we can guarantee 100% bullet resistance. The Müritz 5-30x56 HD is filled with nitrogen and completely waterproof (IP protection class IP6X). A nano coating also ensures that the lenses do not fog up.

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Professor Optics

The scope of delivery includes:

  • Target optics - Müritz 5-30x56 HD, ILEX 1 reticle
  • Replacement tower for height adjustment for your own markings
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Protective caps
  • Battery (CR2032)
  • Operating instructions (German/English)
Area of ​​application: Distance & sport shooting
Enlargement: 5-30x
Lens outer diameter (mm): 63.5
Eyepiece lens diameter (mm): 42
Eyepiece lens length (mm): 54
Exit pupil (Ø in mm): 9.5 - 1.9
Diopter correction: +2 / -3
Eye relief (mm): 100
Tower system: Lock system
Parallax compensation (m): 13 - infinity
Side adjustment range: +/- 9.5 MRAD
Reticle: ILEX 1 reticle
Lighting levels: 6
Lens diameter (mm): 56
Reticle image plane: 2nd image layer
Reticle adjustment: 1/10 MRAD
Height adjustment range: +/- 9.5 MRAD
Field of view (m at 100 m): 8.3 - 1.4
Compensation: fully paid
Gas filling: Nitrogen
Waterproof (m): 1.0
Nanocoating: Yes
Twilight number: 16.7 - 41.0
Light intensity: 125 - 3.5
Center pipe diameter (mm): 30
Length (mm): 400
Accesories: Microfiber cloth, protective caps, battery (CR2032) & replacement tower for height adjustment
Weight (g): 725
Item weight: 0.85 kg
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