Customs for the head 🥇🤎

In times of change, it's good to have a little piece of tradition
to have with you. The hunting companion for every situation

Get ready for the hunter exam

Do you want to shine in the hunter exam?
Then don't wait any longer. Get the learning literature from Heintges. This will definitely work

To the Heintges

Do you want to become a hunter? I'll explain to you how!!!

This has to go in the hunting backpack

Here you will find everything you should put in your backpack when you go hunting

  • Heintges - learning literature 💡🧠💪🏻

    You need your learning materials, then get the material from Heintges

    To the Heintges 
  • Hunter's Forge ⚒️⚙️

    E-learning has never been so easy. The smiths of the hunt prepare you perfectly

    To the forge 
  • Hunting licenses ⚒️⚙️

    One APP for everything. This is how everyone passes the exam... start at Bü

    Coupon code: SAUHUNT

    For cramming 
  • Odenwolf edged weapons 🗡️

    Use the knives from the Odenwolf to pull blanks... You can use them to cut more than just cold water

    Coupon code: sauhunt10

    To the Odenwolf 
  • Camojojo wildlife camera 🎬📸📽️🎥

    Are you looking for the latest generation of wildlife cameras?
    Then Camojojo has just the thing for you

    Coupon code: sauhunt20

    To Camojojo 
  • Apartment - stay time 🏖️🥂🏠

    Enjoy your break from everyday life in a modern apartment that lacks nothing but you ;-)
    So don't wait any longer

    To the apartment 

My hunter's Latin

As a hunter and pragmatist, I strive for outstanding things with impressive quality and reliability. No frills, just kept simple with function... That's exactly my thing

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