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HEYM SR30 RANGER-T - THE young hunter package

HEYM SR30 RANGER-T - THE young hunter package


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HEYM SR30 RANGER-T - The young hunter package

Do you want to start your hunter life with a weapon with future potential?

The SR30 Ranger-T from Heym is the answer to this question. More and more hunting schools also swear by their outstanding features and ease of use. With a high-quality walnut perforated stock and a cold-hammered barrel, this weapon sets standards in terms of quality and performance

This is all in your package:

Always included for free :

  • case
  • Buffer cartridge suitable for the caliber
  • Cleaning cord suitable for the caliber
  • cleaning cloth
  • Saulencer – The silencer holder
  • Saurewer – The opening tool for the silencer
  • Collection or delivery

The factory-set fine trigger with a trigger weight of only 800 g enables precise and controlled shots.

Weighing approximately 3100g and measuring 103cm in length, the SR30 Ranger-T offers an ideal balance between handling and performance.

The straight-pull hand tensioner system ensures maximum safety and ease of use.

The walnut wood shaft is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ergonomically designed to ensure an optimal grip.

Please note that some configurations, such as a left-hand system or certain calibers, affect the price & may have a delivery time extension of up to 8 weeks.


  • You can find further accessories in the weapon accessories section. Please note that the muzzle thread protector sleeve is not included
  • Any additional charges can be found on the HEYM website, such as the LEFT SHOOTER surcharge
  • For the calibers 6.5mm CM and .30-06 Spring, the standard barrel length is 55cm
  • The grain and brightness of the stock wood varies and makes it so unique
  • The offer is not transferable or individually changeable

Ammunition recommendations:

  • Brenneke - .308 Win. TUG nature+ 9.5g/147grs.

  • Sellier & Bellot - .308 Win. Partial coat 11.7g/180grs.

Technical data


Fine trigger burnished


.308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / 6.5mm CM


Cold hammered

Barrel length:

according to matrix

Mouth diameter:


Muzzle thread:


Shaft length:



Straight hand tensioner




Walnut wood / hole shaft (matt)

Sleeve shape:

Round system sleeve

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