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Hubertus Buttolo

Hubertus Buttolo Reh-Fiep-Blatter

Hubertus Buttolo Reh-Fiep-Blatter

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Made from softel wood. With tone adjustment screw.


When using, hold the Blatter in the hollow of your hand so that the mouthpiece protrudes about 1 cm from the closed hand between the thumb and index finger. Place the leaf on your moderately composed lips, do not put it in your mouth. A short breath creates the short, delicate and lifelike fieping sound "fie". You should only start leafing through the pages after the stand has been taken as quietly as possible. After a rest period of about 10-15 minutes, start beeping as follows: 2-3 beeps in different directions, then a break of 1-2 minutes; followed by 2-3 beeps, then repeat the same thing again after a break of 3-4 minutes. The individual sounds should not follow one another too quickly, for example at the pace of breathing: Beeping sound - inhale - exhale - beeping sound, etc. After turning the page, you should remain calm at the stand for another 1015 minutes; it can happen that if you leave the stand too quickly Bock jumps off with a disgrace. Leafing on the ground seems more natural than leafing from a perch.

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